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Expectation: Orientation


DetailsAn online orientation is required for first time RCSOnline students. All students who have not previously taken a course through RCSOnline must complete an online orientation "class" that is approximately one hour in length. Details regarding the orientation will be emailed to the students and parents.

Expectation: Time Comittment
DetailsFor courses taken over a 4-week summer term, expect to spend at least 3 to 4 hours per day, five days per week or an average of fifteen to twenty hours per week working in the course. Make sure you have this much time in your schedule before you decide to take the course. 


While online learning offers flexibility in the time of day that a student works on the course, and does not generally require a physical presence in a classroom, virtual attendance for summer courses is required for a minimum of five days per week. This means that the student is active in the course five days per week and completes work on time.* RCSOnline courses are NOT “at your own pace.” Courses have due dates every week, and points will be deducted for not meeting those deadlines.Click here to  read the Virtual Attendance and Late Policy. You and your parents will have to sign acknowledgement of this policy to register. 


*Students are allowed to work ahead and finish the course early. If you know you will not be able to be in the course for a few days, you must do those assignments ahead of time. Once you have completed your assignments in advance, contact your teacher to obtain permission to be inactive in the course for the designated days. Staying at least a few days ahead of schedule is recommended for all students.




Expectation: Other Commitments


DetailsSituations such as working at a job, going on a trip, participating in sports or other extra-curricular activities, etc. do not give the student permission to be inactive (virtual absence) or behind in the course. If obligations such as these and others will prevent you from staying on pace in an online course, then online learning is not for you at this time. Consider all your obligations carefully before you make the commitment to online learning. When you enroll in an online course, you are saying that you have the time to complete the work as required and on time. If you have things coming up and need to be "absent" from your course for a day or so, you can and must work ahead to complete assignments in advance of days that you might be unable to work. You cannot skip assignment deadlines expecting to "catch up" later.




Expectation: Course Completion Time


Details: In the summer, each half-credit course lasts four weeks, just like on-site summer school. You may take two half-credit courses each term, for a total of four half-credits. You must successfully complete your first term courses by the last day of the term in order to be allowed to enroll in term two. If you are planning to take courses in both terms this summer, you may register for all of them at the beginning of the summer.


Students who have not completed their first term courses by the the last day of the term can request a one-week extension at a cost of $50. Any assignments not completed by the end of the one-week extension will be given a grade of zero. Students who purchase an extension for Term One cannot register for a class in Term Two. Students taking courses in Term Two can also purchase a one-week extension. Graduating seniors needing an extension will NOT be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.



Expectation: Testing


DetailsFor each half-credit course, there are two things you must do at the summer school site (Blackman High School):.

1. Mid-way test - must be supervised by the lab facilitator at summer school site (Blackman High School). (This test is the equivalent of a nine-weeks test.) Exact date of the mid-way test will be announced by the teacher in the course. This test counts as 10% of your course grade. 

2. Semester exam - must be supervised by the lab facilitator at summer school site (Blackman High School). The semester exam must be taken no later than the last day of the course but can be taken sooner if the student has finished all assignments for the course. This test counts as 25% of your course grade. If you are taking a TN Ready course, the state test may substitute for the semester exam. 

All students taking the second semester of a state TNReady exam course online must take the TNReady exam. 
TNReady means state-tested. This applies to Chemistry, Biology, US History/Geography, Integrated Math 1, 2, or 3, and  English 1, 2 or 3.  The TN Department of Education determines the specific dates for the tests to be administered. Those exams will be administered at your school in November or December and again in April or May. Your grade will not be finalized until you have taken the TN Ready exam. Your school counselor will be notified that you need to take the test and will inform you as to the exact date, time, and location for you to report for the exam.




Expectation: Virtual Attendance and Late Policy


Details: All students and their parent/guardian must read, then sign and return the Virtual Attendance and Late Policy.