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Myth: Online courses are easier than in-person classes.

FactRCSOnline courses require the same amount of work as a regular face-to-face class. This is not the easy way to take a class. In fact, you must work hard to stay on track. Getting behind is the number one reason students don't pass an online class. Don't let that happen to you. If you need help, ask for it. Your teachers want you to succeed.
Myth: Online courses will be "at my own pace."

FactStudents are encouraged to work ahead in their online course. However, they are not allowed to fall behind. Students are required to meet all due dates and deadlines. Every course has at least two due dates each week.
Myth: I will be on my own when taking an online class.

Fact: All RCS Online courses are taught by RCS teachers. They have developed each course with a variety of instruction, assignments, quizzes, etc. Your teacher will grade your work. He/she will provide feedback and comments throughout the course. Each teacher has weekly virtual "office hours" when they are available in real-time to assist their students. Students are expected to take advantage of this resource to ask questions and receive direct instruction if needed. Your teacher's contact information is posted at the top of the course so that you can contact him/her with questions outside of the "office hours." You are also able to communicate within the learning platform. Teachers send content overview messages to students at least weekly. Students are required to reply with an academically-focused response. This check-in also provides students with another opportunity to ask questions if needed. Communication is one of the keys to success in an online class.
Myth: I can complete the course entirely from my phone or tablet.
Fact: You will need a laptop or desktop computer. Our learning platform is not fully compatible with mobile devices.