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Complete instructions along with proctor lists are also posted in your online course. Contact your teacher if you have questions.

Mid-Way Test and Semester Exam Instructions

  • You must have completed all assignments leading up to the mid-way test before you can be cleared to take it. The same is true for the semester exam.
  • The Mid-Way Test and Semester Exam must be taken under supervision with an approved RCS Online proctor at your school.
  • You (the student) must make an appointment and take the test with an approved proctor. To do this,
    1. Log into your online course.
    2. Find the list of approved test proctors. It is usually located in the Mid-Way Test and Semester Exam section.
    3. Email the proctor you choose or go by the proctor's room/office to schedule an appointment to take the test.
    4. After you make the appointment, contact your online teacher. Give him/her the first and last name of your proctor as well as your test appointment time.
    5. When you have completed all the necessary assignments and made the above arrangements, your online teacher will send the password to the proctor at your school.
    6. At the arranged appointment time, go to the proctor's classroom or office in your school. Log into your RCS Online account. Click on the test. The proctor will type in the password and supervise your test.
  • If you have questions about your test, contact your teacher.
  • The mid-way test counts as 10% of your semester grade. The semester exam counts 25% of your semester grade.
  • Remember, it is your responsibility as the student to make these arrangements. 


Additional Information for TN Ready Tested Courses

  • Semester Exam information for students enrolled in Biology, US History/Geography, Integrated Math 1, 2, or 3, and  English 1 or 2 ONLY:
    • All students taking a state TNReady exam course online must take the TNReady exam after they have completed both semesters of the course.
    • TNReady means state-tested. 
    • The TN Department of Education determines the specific dates for the tests to be administered. Those exams will be administered at your physical school in November or December and again in April or May. 
    • Your grade will not be finalized until you have taken the TN Ready exam. Your school counselor will be notified that you need to take the test and will inform you as to the exact date, time, and location for you to report for the exam.