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Trailblazer Gaming 2023-2024

Rutherford County Virtual School's competitive eSports club—Trailblazer Gaming—launched in February 2022. Our club offers students opportunities to compete on the national eSports stage, build relationships with other Trailblazers, and acquire 21st-century skills. We are a member of the High School and Middle School Esports Leagues, and through this membership, students compete for prizes and college scholarships through the Generation Esports online platform. 
We offer the following games:
Elementary and Middle School (*only E-rated games)
High School (*only E and T-rated games)
Minecraft Minecraft
Rocket League Rocket League
Super Smash Bros.
Mario Kart 8 Brawlhalla
Chess Halo Infinite
 Splatoon 3 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Brawlhalla Splatoon 3
  Counter Strike 2
  Apex Legends
  Super Smash Bros.
*ESRB Ratings: E = Everyone; T = Teen

"Case Study: Esports in High Schools - Engaging Students and Improving Grades

Schools adopting esports as an official school sport or even an extra curricular is leading to engaging at-risk students and helping them find purpose in schools. The results have been outstanding leading to increased attendance by 10% and GPAs by 1.7. With 70% of Americans playing videos games, it makes sense that esports can be a powerful tool in engaging your audience remotely or in-person. Esports clubs have rapid growth, and impact the kids that need it. See it in action for yourself in this video."

-Retrieved from Generation Esports (

Email Dr. Paraiso at [email protected] for more information.
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