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NCAA Clearinghouse

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is an organization that runs athletics in colleges across the country.   All student-athletes must meet a certain academic standard if they intend to play sports at the Division I or II level.  Each Division has its own requirements, but they all have the same component of high school applicants being enrolled in a standard of courses to secure their eligibility.  Read more about eligibility requirements at:


Rutherford County Virtual School (RCVS) partners with Pearson to provide online courses for high school students. Core courses and some electives taught by Pearson teachers are approved by the NCAA and are recognized as high school credit.  For more information on Pearson courses approved by NCAA, please use the high school portal at:   

**In the High School tab, enter "Pearson Online and Blended Learning"  NOT RCVS to view the list of NCAA eligible high school courses. **


Lastly, if you are student-athlete who is taking courses through RCVS and need your transcript, please reach out to our staff to obtain this information.  For NCAA eligibility purposes, your school of record for these classes will be Pearson Online and Blended Learning (school code: 850099)   For questions, please contact our office at 615-904-3790.