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Tips for Academic Help

If you are concerned about your grades, don't panic, but do take action immediately.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Check your Pearson Dashboard Frequently. Stay up-to-date on grades by checking your Pearson account often.  Your Pearson Account can help you determine if you have missing assignments, low classwork grades, low test grades, etc.  
  • Communicate with teachers. Your teachers will know better than anyone what is contributing to your low grades and tips on how to improve.  Please keep in mind that virtual school does not mean that the work is easier.  It takes a very self-motivated student to succeed in this setting. 
  • Create a schedule / Use an agenda. All students should write every assignment in their agenda and share it with parent(s)/guardian(s).  Do not wait until the last minute to complete lessons and assignments.  Also, virtual school requires several hours of work each day to be successful.

  • Get and stay organized. Make sure you have designated notebooks for each class where you can put notes, classwork, homework, etc.